Skin Type


Normal skin has a fine, smooth texture with a supple and even complexion. There can be an imbalance of oil or dry in certain areas. The pores are small except on the oily T-zone where they can sometimes be dilated and become whiteheads/blackheads.

The Hydra-Protective Line hydrates, mattifies, regenerates, protects and normalizes.

Hydra Protective Line

Particularly formulated for young skin to maintain hydration and balance. Chaparal, a powerful plant extract, protects against environmental aggressions and prolongs the youthfulness of the skin.


Softening Emulsion

A protecting and hydrating day and/or night cream for normal to combination skin. Natural oligosaccharides reinforce the skins natural balance. The cream is rapidly absorbed leaving a matt complexion.

Protective Cream

A regenerating cream to help eliminate small imperfections often associated with young normal to combination skins. Corn seed extract stimulates cell renewal promoting clear radiant skin. 


Normal to Combination Skin Dry Skin Sensitive Skin Oily Skin Redness/Rosacea Skin