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Your skin may not have the same age as you. The radiance, condition and appearance of your skin does not necessarily reflect your real age. Environmental aggressions, lifestyle and skin care routine, can all influence how the skin ages.

The Sothys age defying program follows an exclusive concept that incorporates a professional skin analysis to determine the real age of your skin, referred to as the “grade of aging”. This ensures a complete, efficient and customized solution.

Intensive Serums

Knowing that not all skin ages equally, Sothys offers 4 Serums to fight the signs of aging – including fine lines and expression lines. Each serum features the unique cosmeceutical H2CR™ (Cell Health Restoring Complex). This high performance active contains plant messenger peptides and powerful antioxidants for improved cell communication and ultimate protection.



Theoretical age: 30 – 40
Illuminate the complexion and smooth expression lines or premature wrinkles. Ribose sugar restores the cellular energy for increased skin radiance, vitality and protection.


Theoretical age: 40 – 50
For more permanent wrinkles, Grade 2 Lifting Serum fills and smoothes lines with hyaluronic acid for an “injection-like” effect. Powerfull pentapeptides stimulate collagen synthesis, preserving the oval of the face.


Theoretical age: 50 – 60
For deep wrinkles and slackening skin, Grade 3 Serum with dill seed extract and tri- and tetrapeptides helps build a stronger skin structure and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Almond biofibers smooth and tone instantly.


Theoretical age: 60+
A nutri-ceutical flax complex and rice peptides help the skin regain the essence of youth. Skin is smoothed with increased fullness and improved texture. Rye seed extract helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a fully rejuvenated skin.

Daily Protection Creams

Used daily, morning and/or evening, to slow down the natural aging process of the skin, the Daily Protection Creams protect the skin with a progressive “active shield” that works to visibly reduce and reverse the signs of aging. The action of this active shield, made up of tetrapeptides and natural plant extracts (candle bush, alfalfa and myrtle), progresses as the skin ages in order to create a customized solution for each skin grade.



Theoretical age: 30 – 40
A di-peptide and oat extract formula smoothes and relaxes fines lines and the first visible expression lines. Protects the DNA of the cells with a powerful antioxidant action, to delay further signs of aging.


Theoretical age: 40 – 50
Fills permanent wrinkles, plumps and preserves the overall firmness of the skin. Cyperus esculentus and tetrapeptides work to reinforce the structure of the dermis and offers anti-glycation effects.

Also available in “Comfort” texture for dry skin types.


Theoretical age: 50 – 60
Re-texturizes and remodels the skin with a lifting protein peptide complex and alfalfa extracts. Works to preserve collagen and elastin within the dermis to regain the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

Also available in “Comfort” texture for dry skin types.


Theoretical age: 60+
Stimulates cellular activity, oxygenation and micro-circulation to reveal the essence of a younger skin. Lupin peptides and myrtle promotes cell longevity and improves cell communication for a smoother, firmer, more radiant skin.

Duo Mask

For all grades of aging, this multi-action mask smoothes lines and gives an immediate lifting effect, resulting in a beautifully radiant complexion. Phase 1 is a mineral cocktail of zinc, magnesium, copper and calcium to restore the skin’s radiance; Phase 2 is composed of oat extract and natural polysaccharides to give an instant lifting and toning effect.

Shaping Neck Care

Sculpting treatment to redefine the contour of the jaw line, neck and décolleté. Mamaku extract, tri and hexa peptides, watercress and bitter orange work to increase collagen and elastin and redensify the dermis to restore a firmer more youthful appearance.

Noctuelle with AHA and Vitamin C

For all skin types, this night cream offers a resurfacing action that rejuvenates the skin and diminishes the signs of aging. AHAs and Vitamins C & E, stimulate cell renewal to reveal a smooth skin with a more uniform and radiant complexion.

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