Sun Care

Sothys has created a new generation of sun care: the exclusive association of Cellu-guard® and jasmine flavonoids provides both dual tissue protection and triple cellular protection, while also enhancing the natural protection system of the skin against free radicals.



Cellu-guard® Complex

For ultimate protection

A mixture of purified calophyllum oil and fruit polyphenols creates the Cellu-guard® Complex. Its dual function protects collagen fibers and the elastin of the skin and limits the inflammatory process. It also offers triple protection to the cell membranes, DNA and preserves proteins.

Jasmine Flavonoids

Strengthens the skin’s natural protection

The skin naturally produces free radicals, which are unstable and polluting molecules. When exposed to UVA rays, responsible for skin aging, and UVB, responsible for sunburn, this natural production increases. The natural defense systems of the skin are attacked and the photo-aging process accelerates.

By enhancing the natural system of the skin with jasmine flavonoids, Sothys sun care products work to strengthen the defense system, significantly limiting the production of free radicals in the skin. The skin is better protected and photo-aging damaged is reduced.


High Protection SPF 30 Sun Sensitive Areas Care

Protects from free radicals and photo-aging during intense sunlight exposure. Hypoallergenic* and fragrance-free, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Medium Protection SPF 20 Tanning Body Lotion

For a pleasant tan and ultra-effective protection. Water-resistant, sweat-resistant, oil-free.

Age Defying Tinted Care Low Protection SPF 10

Carefully protects from aging and helps retain skin suppleness. Its tinted texture gives a subtle tan effect. May be used daily.

Iridescent Tanning Gel Low Protection SPF 8

A unique protective gel thanks to its tan-boosting active ingredients that help to intensify and accelerate a natural-looking tan. A magical iridescent texture gives a golden and sparkling tan.


Repairing Age-Defying Face Care

An intensive formula to protect and repair the skin against the aggression of free radicals. Allows the skin to remain firm, radiant and well hydrated. May be also used at night after daily sun exposure.

Soothing After-Sun Body Care

A refreshing fluid which softens the skin immediately after exposure through its soothing active ingredients. Prevents photo-induced aging and hydrates to restore the skin’s full radiance.